GENERAL AIM/Wider Objective

Contribute to modernization of Indian Higher Education through equipping Indian Higher Education Institutions with procedures, tools, human resources and continuous professional development mechanisms necessary for Curriculum Internationalisation and creating institution-wide thriving cultures of Internationalisation-FOR-ALL.


SOs are complementary and reinforce each other in achieving the Wider Objective.
  1. Create mechanisms, procedures and tools which can engage all Indian RISHII Partner Institutions in Strategic Planning for Modernization through continuous Curriculum Internationalisation
  2. Promote Curriculum Internationalisation through adoption of competence-based student-centred principles in (a) curriculum and syllabus design, (b) teaching, learning and assessment approaches.
  3. Equip Indian faculty and non-academic staff involved in internationalisation with skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to achieve Internationalisation-FOR-ALL.
  4. Create Open Education Resources that will encourage and make it feasible for all Indian Higher Education Institutions to engage in Strategic Planning and Continuous Professional Development activities for Curriculum Internationalisation -FOR-ALL


The objectives are realistic and feasible in the national and institutional contexts, Curriculum Internationalization is seen favourable by Indian decision and policy makers, even if they have not been able to implement it or put resources into it (cf. “Mysore Statement” on Internationalization  of Indian Higher Education, 2001). RISHII methodology is rigorous, well-planned and well-paced, sound and flexible enough to permit every Partner Institution to achieve the SOs in their own institutional context. Two structures have been set to monitor the progress towards the SOs and take “remedial” action immediately if required: Steering Committee and Quality Assurance Board. The project work is distributed well during the whole project lifetime, bringing Virtual Collaboration Space to support the achievement of SOs between face-to-face meeting occasions.