Internationalisation of Curriculum Supporting Tools

Internationalisation of Curriculum supporting tools

A set of tools to promote the Internationalisation of Curriculum is created in the framework of the project. These instruments are aimed at supporting the partners in their path towards internationalisation. They are being adopted by Indian partner institutions and are available for use for all Indian higher education institutions.

  • Checklists for assessing the Internationalisation workshop design and facilitation: this tool ensures and monitors the quality of the Internationalisation of Curriculum workshops designed and implemented by the RISHII Indian partners. They include the requirements that the workshop designs have to meet and also the requirements that RISHII partners must consider when running these workshops. Application of these checklists will permit to both ensure the quality of RISHII products and to enhance participants’ learning and skills development (thanks to giving and receiving peer-feedback, and also thanks to conducting self-assessment against clear and objective criteria). 
  • Internationalisation Workshops Assessment questionnaire: This questionnaire contains key questions to assess the workshops from the external point of view and allows the collection of feedback from the attendees to the Internationalisation workshops. The feedback received is used for continuous improvement of the workshops.
  • Protocols for monitoring Cultural Openness and Internationalisation of own professional behaviour ensure that project participants, who will act as (Level 2 Advanced) Curriculum Internationalisation Champions, are interculturally competent and apply principles of internationalisation in their own professional behavior. These protocols permit to set aims and to conduct both internal and external monitoring of participants’ skill enhancement, also to perform a self-assessment. It will also give structure to the critical reflection conducted in the form of reflective reports (1 per RISHII Internationalisation Strategic Line).
  • Template for post-RISHII Plan for Strengthening and Expanding the Internationalisation Culture at institutional level to support the development of the Strategic Internationalisation plans. This template is used as a baseline for creating high-quality plans and monitoring the different stages of the plans development. The template contains the relevant elements identified based on the needs analysis carried out at the first stage of the project.
  • Guidelines for developing online resources on Curriculum Internationalisation and Stronger Collaboration among Faculty and International Relations Offices. This document is a guide for monitoring the development of the online resources introduced, with the aim of ensuring the quality of these resources on different aspects of internationalisation and supporting RISHII participants along the process.