Map of institutional needs

Map of institutional needs

This deliverable collects the needs identified by the Indian Partner Institutions in terms of internationalisation, including a report or a video from each institution, an analysis of the results and conclusions.

The identification of these needs allows:

  • To better design the Training Seminars and adapt the contents to these necessities.
  • To stablish the internationalisation objectives to be achieved by the RISHII partners.
  • Indian partners to be prepared for the Comprehensive Internationalisation workshop and the Training Seminars on the four Strategic Lines.
  • To start getting familiar with the Strategic Curriculum Internationalisation Plan format.
  • To adapt the Comprehensive Internationalisation framework and the Internationalisation of Curriculum rubric to the actual needs of the partners.

The mapping of the needs was carried out in two different stages:

  • Stage 1: Through an online questionnaire to update the needs identify at the proposal stage around the four Strategic Lines
  • Stage 2: This stage goes deeper on the needs of the Indian institutions and it is organized around the four target groups involved in the internationalisation process.